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A Service Evaluation of Patient Educational Bowel Preparation Videos- Improving the Quality of Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy

Natarajan B*, Landy J and Purkis E

Department of Gastroenterology, Watford General Hospital, Vicarage Road, Watford, WD18 0H0, United Kingdom

Corresponding Author: Brenavan Natarajan, Department of Gastroenterology, Watford General Hospital, Vicarage Road, Watford, WD18 0H0, United Kingdom, E-mail: [email protected]


Citation: Natarajan B (2020) A Service Evaluation of Patient Educational Bowel Preparation Videos- Improving the Quality of Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy World Journal of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy Research.Vol (3): Issue (3): 1-4.


Copyright : ©2020 Natarajan B et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.



1.1. Objective: Effective bowel preparation is critical for efficient colonoscopy. We present evaluation of the impact educational bowel preparation videos had upon our service.

1.2. Methods: All patients undergoing colonoscopy with Moviprep were included over an eighteen-week period. Links and QR codes to online educational videos were sent to patients, along with written instructions for bowel perp prior to procedure. Endoscopy nurses recorded whether patients had watched the videos on the day of procedure. Bowel cleanliness was graded by the Endoscopist using Boston bowel preparation (BBPS) and Aron chick scores.

1.3. Results: 1645 patients were included in total (51% male, average age 63). 11.8% (194) watched the educational videos (54% males, average age 59).

There was a statistically significant difference comparing video to non-video groups in those that had a good/excellent (85% v 79%; p=0.047) and excellent (33% v 24%, p<0.01) preparation compared with non-video group. The mean BBPS was higher in the video group overall (7.1 v 6.7; p<0.01) and for all colonic segments including the right colon (p=0.02).

There were no significant differences between the bowel preparation scores of those rated inadequate, poor, fair or good preparation.

There was no significant difference for caecal intubation rate

or polyp detection rate.


1.4. Discussion: In our evaluation, video education improved bowel preparation in all bowel segments but did not impact upon key performance indicators. Uptake of use of the online video resource was low. We believe use of complimentary online videos can improve bowel preparation quality which may improve colonoscopy service outcomes.

A Service Evaluation of Patient Educational Bowel Preparation videos- improving the quality of bowel preparation for colonoscopy Natarajan B, Purkis E, Landy J.


KEYWORDS: Colonoscopy, Colorectal cancer screening.




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